Johnny Manziel and Josie Canseco: A Budding Romance or Just Rumors?

The internet has been full of gossip lately about a possible love affair between the former NFL quarterback John Manziel and the model Josie Canseco. The speculations were aroused when Canseco posted a picture on her Instagram Stories that showed an intimate moment inside a JetBlue airplane. Her legs were intertwined with those of her unidentified male companion who had tattoos on his hand and wore a friendship bracelet similar to Johnny’s.

A Blast from the Past

Johnny Manziel whose nickname was “Johnny Football” became famous as one of the best college football players at Texas A&M for his exceptional performance. According to the NY Post, He was also awarded Heisman Trophy in 2012, making him the first freshman ever to be given such an honor. However, his NFL career at the Cleveland Browns ended prematurely due to numerous controversies and off-field misbehaviors that eventually led to his release in 2016. However, Josie Canseco is Jose Canseco’s daughter who is well-known for wrong reasons because of steroids scandal. This is like a double-edged sword as she can get noticed by media when dating or being friends with some celebrities.

A Shared Connection

But their connection recently remains unclear. Both were attending Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Foundation HBCU Celebrity Softball Classic held in February where also took part Jose Canseco – Jose`s father. Their encounter could have started from this event which is believed to have given birth to rumours of them dating that currently dominate online discussions.

A History of Controversy

His life has been full of ups and downs since he left professional American football due to substance abuse problems and legal issues. Manziel again hit headlines in 2023 after his then girlfriend, Kenzie Werner said she was hacked on Instagram posting graphic pictures accusing him of domestic violence which afterwards she clarified that her injuries resulted from work accident. Canseco too has faced scrutiny as regards her personal life and family connections.

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A Chance for Redemption?

Could this alleged connection offer these two people a chance to start anew? Manziel has been open about his struggles lately and expressed interest in finding happiness via “simplistic form.” Perhaps, Canseco might be the person who can bring him stability and encouragement in life. If it does, whether it is from rumors or not, only time will tell if this romance blossoms into something more substantial or fades into obscurity like so many celebrity flings before.


The public’s imagination has been caught by the supposed affair between Johnny Manziel and Josie Canseco based on one cozy photo and their common links. While we are still in dark with respect to the exact nature of whatever they share, there is one thing we cannot deny: popular attention on famous relationships continues. As such, some media reports have termed this as a genuine love story while others believe that it is nothing but a mere rumour. This goes to show that even famous people are just humans like us looking for someone to love them not because of anything else but just because they deserve it too.

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