Angelina Jolie Accuses Brad Pitt of “Coercive” Behavior in Bitter Winery Dispute

A new twist has been added to the high-profile divorce fight between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after Jolie’s attorney made serious claims against her spouse concerning their joint possession of a French winery, Château Miraval. In a bitter letter that was obtained by Radar Online, Pitt was accused by Jolie’s lawyer of “upsetting” and “coercive” behaviors amidst the ongoing legal battles concerning the land.

Jolie Pulls Out From Talks

Based on the news magazine, the Maleficent actress has chosen to withdraw from participating in all parts of the negotiations for the sale of the winery due to alleged misconduct by her husband. The lawyer said that she is only doing it because she realizes these discussions are completely unhelpful and there is no way they will have fair treatment as equal parties. This occurred after Pitt contested Jolie’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA) claims.

Accusations of Wrongdoing

Jolie’s lawyers contend that this ex-husband attempted to exploit the situation and proffered demands which were inappropriate. The letter continues stating that restrictions imposed by Pitt are “unconstitutionally vague and restrictive, beyond … scope of business …distressing and coercive…so as to be abusive”.

Significant Sacrifices and Personal Concessions

To bring an end to this painful era in her family history, and extricate herself from Miraval; Jolie has reportedly offered major compromises during their financial negotiations. According to her advocate such sacrifices have been made at “the expense even…of a family home as well as financial loss.”

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The Controversial Winery

Château Miraval in Southern France has been at odds with this ex-couple since their separation in 2016. The property sits on 1,200 acres encompassing vineyard land located within 35 rooms mansion which they had bought in 2008 saving approximately $67 million1.

The winery produces the best wine ever known in history as one of Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of its time and especially noted for its rosé which gained global fame with Wine Spectator naming it one of the world’s finest wines in 2013.

The Battle Continues

However, how the feud over Château Miraval will be resolved is still uncertain. According to Jolie’s attorney, these allegations paint a dark picture about a very contentious and emotional negotiation process with both sides determined to protect their respective interests in this valuable asset.

Since being finalized in 2019, the Jolie-Pitt divorce has been characterized by complex legal issues such as child custody arrangements and division of their extensive property portfolio. The dispute at the vineyard is just another phase for what is now one of Hollywood’s most famous and bitter break-ups.

In conclusion, this fierce battle over Château Miraval demonstrates some of the difficulties that may arise when dividing assets in high-stakes divorces. With Angelina Jolie pulling out from negotiations and accusing Brad Pitt of misconduct, there remains uncertainty regarding the future of this iconic French winery. Only time will tell how these latest developments affect ongoing legal proceedings and settle matters surrounding the former couple’s joint-property.

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