Did Kylie Kelce Have Her Baby

The Kelce family has a new reason to celebrate following Jason Kelce’s big Super Bowl LVII victory with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this month. His wife Kylie gave birth to the couple’s third child, a baby girl, just days after watching her husband take home the championship.

By the way, did you hear that Kylie Kelce had her baby? She gave birth to the couple’s third child, a baby girl, just days after her husband Jason Kelce.

Excitement Leading Up to the Birth

Kylie and Jason announced they were expecting their third baby back in September 2022. The pregnancy was surely an exciting surprise for the family of four, already made up of Jason, Kylie, 4-year-old daughter Wyatt Elizabeth, and 1-year-old son Deutsch.

Did Kylie Kelce Have Her Baby

The Kelces have been very open over the years about their family life. They currently star in their own reality TV show called “The Kelce Brothers” on E! along with Jason’s brother, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. So fans have loved getting a glimpse into this new chapter for the family.

With Kylie’s due date approaching around the time of the Super Bowl, the couple speculated how funny and chaotic it would be if she went into labor during the big game. Can you imagine Jason trying to balance celebrating a Super Bowl win and the birth of his baby at the same time? Luckily for the Kelces, the timing worked out perfectly.

Arriving After Super Bowl Celebrations

On February 9th, just four days after the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory over the Chiefs, Jason announced that he and Kylie had welcomed their third daughter.

“My beautiful wife Kylie gave birth to our third daughter today, Blake Ever Kelce!” Jason shared on social media. “Kylie was, once again, an absolute rockstar in the delivery room. Both baby and mom are doing great.”

How special for little Blake to arrive right on the heels of her dad’s career-highlight moment. The photos of Jason holding his newborn daughter while still decked out in Eagles gear from the Super Bowl festivities are so heartwarming.

Jason gave Kylie full credit for how calm and collected she was during the delivery. Especially considering the excitement and stresses leading up to Jason’s big game. Kelce called his wife a “champion” for handling the timing so smoothly.

Expanding Their Beautiful Family

The Kelces have said their family feels complete now with three kids. Jason has commented before that three was the magic number they envisioned for their family size.

Big sisters Wyatt and Elliotte will surely be the best helpers for mom and dad as they settle into life as a family of six. Jason’s mother, Donna Kelce, is undoubtedly overjoyed as well to welcome another grandbaby.

Donna has become a star in her own right, as she was featured prominently during the Eagles’ playoff run showing her sons Jason and Travis equal support. The video of her reacting to the Super Bowl final play is priceless.

As for names, Blake fits perfectly with her older sisters’ names starting with W and E. The initials spell out W-E-B, surely intentional on the Kelces’ part.

Blake’s middle name, Ever, likely signifies that the love between Jason, Kylie, and their girls will last forever. What a sweet sentiment to have her arrive right after the most memorable point of Jason’s professional career so far.

Balancing Football and Fatherhood

For Jason Kelce, the 2022 season was already a massive success professionally. At age 35 and after 12 years in the NFL, Kelce was named a First-Team All-Pro for the first time and won the Super Bowl.

He has stated he is taking his football career one year at a time at this point. But after reaching the pinnacle this season, you have to wonder if thoughts of retirement begin creeping in.

However, Jason takes immense pride in being a dedicated family man off the field. He is often praised for his commitment to his wife and daughters despite the demands of life in the NFL.

Jason notes that the biggest challenge is the time spent away from family during the season. For now, he seems to have found the perfect balance between chasing his football dreams and being present for his girls.

But with a third child now in the picture, it will be interesting to see if Jason’s priorities or perspective shift at all. Winning the Super Bowl may make it tougher to walk away. But having a newborn daughter could also deepen his desire to spend more time at home.

Celebrating Their New Addition

For now, it’s all about celebrating baby Blake’s arrival and settling into their new family dynamic. Jason will surely be hands-on as much as possible, changing diapers and helping Kylie during the offseason before training camp ramps up again.

Big sisters Wyatt and Elliotte will now have a new little playmate once she gets bigger. We can hope for more adorable family photos capturing precious moments between the three sisters.

Eagles fans are also eager to get their first glimpse of the newest little Kelce bird. She already has her own custom Eagles outfit ready to go no doubt. Baby Blake will certainly grow up feeling the brotherly love from Eagles Nation.

The 2022 season created lifelong memories for Jason, culminating in both a Super Bowl win and new daughter. Now he can look ahead to a bright future enjoying quality time with his wife Kylie and their three beautiful daughters.


When exactly was Kylie Kelce’s baby born?

Kylie gave birth to daughter Blake Ever Kelce on February 9, 2023 – just 4 days after husband Jason and the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

What is the baby’s full name and meaning behind it?

Blake Ever Kelce. Her first name Blake fits with her sisters named Wyatt and Elliotte. The middle name Ever symbolizes Jason and Kylie’s eternal love.

How much did the baby weigh at birth?

The Kelces have not shared Blake’s birth weight yet, though Jason said both she and Kylie are healthy.

Was Kylie able to be there in person for Jason’s Super Bowl game?

Yes, Kylie was in attendance at State Farm Stadium to cheer on her husband in the big game while 38 weeks pregnant.

How has Jason balanced NFL career and fatherhood so far?

Jason takes great pride in being an involved husband and dad despite the heavy demands. Winning the Super Bowl so closely with Blake’s birth may push him toward retirement soon.


The Kelce family undoubtedly has a lifetime of amazing memories to cherish from the 2022 NFL season. Jason reached the pinnacle of his professional career, winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles. Then just days later, a new blessing entered the world with daughter Blake Ever Kelce.

Kylie handled the timing of it all with grace and strength. Jason will remember the special connection between these two life-changing events forever. As the family adjusts to having three children, they can reflect on an unforgettable year. The Philadelphia community and Eagles fans far and wide celebrate baby Blake’s arrival as one of their own.

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