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When Stephen Curry went down with a shoulder injury earlier this season, it left a massive hole in the Golden State Warriors’ offense. The two-time MVP has been the engine that powers the Dubs’ high-octane attack for years. But this time, instead of sputtering, the Warriors discovered jordan poole stats without curry.

Jordan Poole has taken his game to new heights with Curry sidelined. Though he doesn’t quite possess Steph’s limitless shooting range, Poole has shown he can generate offense at an elite level without the benefit of defenses keying in on his MVP teammate. The numbers Poole has put up in Curry’s absence have been eye-opening.

Stepping Up as a Scorer

Jordan Poole’s stats without Curry have been impressive this season. In the 26 games that Curry has missed, Poole has maintained a whopping scoring average of 26.1 points per game. It’s interesting to note that if Poole had maintained this pace throughout the season, he would have ranked sixth in the entire NBA in scoring, ahead of Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum. These Jordan Poole stats without Curry highlight his potential as a top scorer in the league.

jordan poole stats without curry

But Poole hasn’t just been piling up points through volume shooting. He’s displayed tremendous efficiency even while shouldering a dramatically increased offensive load. Poole’s effective field goal percentage without Curry is 54.5%, and his true shooting percentage is 62.4%. Both marks are above league average. For a third-year guard suddenly thrust into a lead scoring role, those are exceptional figures.

Poole has lit it up from all over the floor while Curry has been sidelined. He’s shooting 36.4% from 3-point range on nearly 9 attempts per game, allowing him to maintain the long-range spacing that is so vital to the Warriors’ offense. But he hasn’t just settled for outside shots. Poole has been aggressive in attacking the basket, averaging nearly 8 free throw attempts per game without his superstar running mate.

Poole’s scoring arsenal has expanded rapidly in his two-plus NBA seasons. As a rookie he relied heavily on pulling up off the dribble, with over 60% of his shot attempts coming via the pick-and-roll or in isolation. But he was an inefficient scorer, hitting just 33% of his 3-point tries and 42% of his 2s.

Last season Poole flashed the beginnings of his microwave scoring potential. His shooting percentages skyrocketed to 36% from deep and 53% inside the arc as he embraced the Warriors’ constant off-ball movement. But he still generated just 44% of his offense on his own.

This year Poole has put it all together. He’s blending efficient catch-and-shoot chances with the ability to create shots for himself when needed. Without Curry, he’s scored 40% of his points unassisted while maintaining solid efficiency. Poole has emerged as one of the NBA’s top shot creators.

More Than Just Scoring

Scoring isn’t the only area where Poole has made major strides. With increased opportunity, he has developed into an impressive playmaker as well.

Poole is averaging 5.0 assists per game during Curry’s injury absence. His assist percentage of 29.5% would rank in the top 30 league-wide. And his 2.24 assist/turnover ratio is outstanding for a player with such high usage.

Poole has shown impressive vision and passing skills when defenses collapse on him. He uses his gravity as a scorer to draw extra defenders, then hits open teammates with accurate feeds. Poole has developed especially good chemistry with Klay Thompson, regularly finding him for catch-and-shoot 3s when the defense over-helps.

Though Poole still does most of his playmaking operating the pick-and-roll, he has become adept at moving the ball within the flow of the Warriors’ offense. Poole is an expert at driving inside to draw defenders from the corners, then whipping the ball back out for open 3s. It’s encouraging to see a young scoring guard willing to give up good shots to generate great ones for teammates. Discover the Hidden Charms of Josh Radnor’s Los Angeles Home

Impact Beyond the Box Score

Poole’s counting stats without Curry have been phenomenal. But his impact extends beyond traditional box score numbers. He has helped maintain the Warriors’ offensive identity even without their offensive centerpiece.

Golden State’s pace has actually increased slightly with Curry out, from 98.9 possessions per game to 99.5. And their assist percentage of 65.8% would rank first in the NBA across a full season. The Warriors aren’t just relying on Poole to break down the defense in isolation. They are continuing to generate the open, high-value shots that their system thrives on.

Advanced metrics paint Poole in an equally favorable light. His +5.8% on/off offensive rating differential is one of the best marks on the team. And lineup data shows Golden State has remained elite offensively with Poole on the floor without Curry.

The Warriors are scoring 113.9 points per 100 possessions in Poole’s 715 minutes without Curry. That would rank 7th in the NBA across a full season. Poole-led lineups featuring complementary pieces like Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins have demolished opponents.

Golden State is outscoring opponents by 8.4 points per 100 possessions with Poole on and Curry off. That is a testament to how seamlessly Poole has stepped into the lead role. His emergence as a high-volume scorer has coincided with—and arguably enabled—the Warriors to remain an offensive juggernaut even without their two-time MVP.

Room for Improvement

For all his offensive exploits, Poole still has room for growth, particularly on the defensive end. He possesses the quickness to be at least an average defender in time. But focus and fundamentals remain an issue. Poole is too often caught ball-watching or beaten off the dribble by quicker guards.

Among Warriors regulars, only Curry has a worse defensive rating than Poole’s 112.4 without the former MVP. And the team’s defensive rebounding has cratered with Poole on the floor without Curry; Golden State’s defensive rebound rate drops from 73.6% to 68.9% when Poole plays without his Splash Brother.

To take the next step toward stardom, Poole will need to improve his all-around game. Even dazzling scorers can harm their team if they are major defensive liabilities. Poole doesn’t need to become an All-Defense selection. But if he can tighten his defense up to league average, it would make the Warriors all the more terrifying.

Poole’s burgeoning playmaking skills can also continue to grow. Though his passing has improved by leaps and bounds, he can be overly reliant on pick-and-roll to create advantages rather than moving the ball to generate openings. Among rotation players, only Thompson has a lower assist-to-usage ratio than Poole. Being able to operate in tighter playoff defenses will require Poole to raise his playmaking IQ.

The Steph Comparisons

It’s unfair to saddle any young player with comparisons to an all-time great like Curry. But Poole playing so well in the MVP’s absence has naturally drawn those lofty parallels. Poole hasn’t displayed Curry’s preternatural shooting ability – then again, no one else has either. But there are certainly similarities beyond just their diminutive stature.

Both Poole and Curry can score at all three levels with great efficiency. They are knockdown shooters off the catch who are equally dangerous off the dribble. Their lightning-quick releases allow them to get shots off against virtually any defense. And they leverage the threat of their shooting to knife into the paint and score around the rim.

Curry has mastered the subtle art of creating space with crafty footwork and movement. Poole has begun incorporating more of that into his game after relying on pure speed his first two seasons. It’s encouraging to see Poole diversifying his scoring attack by adopting some of Curry’s tricks.

Most importantly, Poole has maintained his effectiveness and efficiency even while becoming the focal point of defense. That is perhaps the greatest sign that his scoring prowess is sustainable. Poole’s ability to produce big numbers as a lead option — something previously unknown —has emerged during Curry’s absence.

The Poole Party Has Arrived

Jordan Poole still has a long way to go before joining Curry in superstardom. But his rapid improvement in Year 3 has been a revelation. The Warriors appear to have uncovered a budding scoring prodigy capable of rivaling Curry and Thompson as part of Golden State’s next Big Three.

It took Poole time to translate his natural gifts into NBA production. But now that he has put it all together, the league is getting its first glimpse of his ceiling. If Poole can even come close to maintaining this level of play once Curry returns, the defending champions will have another dangerous offensive weapon come playoff time.

Steph Curry’s injury was supposed to sink Golden State’s hopes of repeating. Yet, thanks to Jordan Poole’s emergence, the Warriors’ championship dreams remain very much alive. Death Lineups with Curry, Thompson and Poole could prove impossible to stop. Poole Party’s over — it’s time for the full-on Poole Parade.


Q: What has Jordan Poole averaged in points without Steph Curry this season?

A: Poole has averaged 26.1 points in the 26 games Curry has missed this season.

Q: How efficient has Poole’s scoring been without Curry?

A: Very efficient – Poole has posted a true shooting percentage of 62.4% and an effective field goal percentage of 54.5% without Curry.

Q: What are some areas Poole can still improve in?

A: Defense and playmaking are two aspects of Poole’s game that still have room for growth. He can become a more consistent defender and improve his passing reads.

Q: How have the Warriors performed offensively with Poole on and Curry off?

A: The Warriors have scored 113.9 points per 100 possessions, with Poole playing without Curry. Their offense has remained elite.

Q: Does Poole have similarities to Steph Curry’s game?

A: Yes, both are elite shooters and scorers at all three levels. Poole has adopted some of Curry’s footwork and off-ball movement as well.

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